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You are here because you want your brand to come to life and to reflect your product. How exciting! Taking this first step is extremely important in brand development. We will work together to come up with an aesthetic and voice you love. This process will define your company and take it to the next level!


Let's Evaluate

1 : You will receive a brand evaluation questionnaire that will allow me to understand where your brand is at, stylistically. Based on your responses, we will be able to define your brand's aesthetic and voice.

2 : I will create a mood board for your brand using curated imagery, color schemes, and typography. The logo designs I create will be based on this mood board.

Lè Mood Board

Logo Design, YES!

3 : I will present to you 3 different design directions with different variations for each direction (i.e. horizontal, stacked, in a shape, etc.). You will receive 2 revisions on 1 design direction of your choice.

4 : Once we are set on the logo design, I will put together your brand style guide. This will include fonts, colors, imagery, pattern, etc.

Your New Brand


Mood Board
Primary Logo

Secondary Logo

Color Palette


Brand Style Guide

Business Card



Animated Gif

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