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 About Aviva 

I am a designer, illustrator, and self-proclaimed nail artist. Through color exploration (and sometimes confetti! 🎉✨), I love creating cheerful experiences for brands and individuals alike. I specialize in illustration, branding, GIF creation, packaging, creative consulting, and nail art. I love bringing people's visions to life in the most thoughtful way possible.


In my spare time I enjoy admiring sparkly objects, listening to really good music, doing my nails, and asking my labradoodle (Charlie) to 'give paw'. I dislike wearing socks, love cold pillows, and have taken a recent interest in glassware (specifically cups). I am terrible at finishing any book I pick up, but appreciate their covers. My favorite movies include (but are not limited to): La La Land, Home Alone 2, Mamma Mia, 13 Going On 30, and Bridesmaids. Refried beans are my food of choice. 

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